Rich Kingdon

The owner of Shadow Process Service

My name is Rich Kingdon, and I am the owner of Shadow Process Service.

I’ve been serving process since 1986, first in the Chicago metro market, and since 2006 in Arizona. Recently, I’ve spent three years (alright, two years and ten months. Close enough, right?) managing the Arizona operations for ABC Legal Services, a premier nationwide player in bulk process service. I have a unique set of skills (who let Liam Neeson in here??) which allows me to provide excellent service for small and medium-sized law firms.

Here’s what I mean:

Having managed as many as 15 process servers at a time, I’ve learned how to direct large volumes of documents for service. However, having been self-employed the rest of the time, I have also learned how to give personal service to my clients.

Often, the two don’t seem to mesh.

The challenge is providing both: “big company” policies and procedures, with “small company” client service.

Challenge accepted.

Let’s build something beautiful